Bradley Abode: Update 1


Update 1: IKEA Dresser Makeover


Welcome to the first ever update from our new Home: The Bradley Abode. Follow our journey in decorating our house, getting situated, recipes, activities and more! 

My first tasks before moving in our new apartment was painting our old IKEA furniture. It was my husbands before we got married and it was all dark wood. We love a clean. crisp, modern, white look in our house so I wanted our furniture to match that. Instead, of buying new furniture, we decided to makeover our old furniture. I wasn't sure of how well IKEA furniture could be painted and would it last?

I did some research and a lot of people had great success with IKEA furniture makeovers. So, I headed to our local Home Depot, talked to them all about what we were doing and they set us up with the best paint and primer for our situation. With the below couple items we made over our whole dresser and it was so quick and easy!


The Before and After look completely different!


  1. Lay out your tarp or newspaper or whatever to cover the floor from paint spills
  2. Lightly sand your furniture
  3. Pour your paint primer into your paint try
  4. Start painting your primer ALL over your furniture. This doesn't have to be as pretty looking at your actual paint. It's just primer!
  5. Wait 30 minutes to dry. It dries faster but I just wanted to be sure it was all dry.
  6. Rinse your brushes and paint try while you want for your primer to dry so it'll be already for the real deal: Paint. 
    1. TIP: You don't want to mix your primer brushes and tray with your regular paint
    2. TIP: Make sure you dry your brushes before you paint the next item
  7. After your primer is all good and dry pour your paint into your paint tray and start painting with the roller. 
    1. TIP: Immediately after painting one surface area with the roller take your paint brush and lightly go over it. I did this because I did not like the way the roller texture looked on the furniture but it covered way more surf area than the paint brush. So lightly going over your roller paint area makes it a smoother surface/look
  8. Finish your whole furniture by doing the above step
  9. Wait for the furniture piece to dry
  10. VOILA! You are done!

EXTRA: we added these awesome gold mid-century handles to ours that really transformed the piece. It looks WAY more expensive then it really was.

Amazon Gold Dresser Handles