Okay Friends, grab your passport and journey with me to Canada & New York to one of the worlds biggest waterfalls!



Niagara Falls was one of the coolest, most beautiful, and powerful pieces of nature I have ever seen! The pure power of the falls are so fierce and loud that the mist from the falls can be felt when you’re exploring the city. We stayed on the Canada side of Niagara because the views are UNREAL but most of the parks and activities can be found on the New York Side which is a quick 10-15 minute ride depending on the length on time waiting to get through the Canada/New York Boarder. 

How do you get there?

We flew into Buffalo, Ny and then drove directly to Niagara Falls. The trip from the airport is about 30 minutes. Quick & easy!

How long should you stay?

We stayed Thursday-Sunday and that was more than enough time to explore the falls, explore the nature parks, the city and even near by wineries. Who knew that Canada was house to some of the most amazing wineries? I sure didn’t! 

My recommendation: Spend 2-3 days in Niagara Falls (both Canada & New York Side) if you can extend your trip try and drive to explore the rest of Canada. If you are just there for the Falls then 2-3 days is plenty of time!

Where to Stay:

Our hotel had the best view of the falls! We had a two-bedroom suite and a giant window overlooking the falls. At night the falls are lit up and at 10 PM there is a fireworks show right above the falls! 

Hotel: We stayed at the Hilton Fallsview. The hotel has a casino attached, multiple restaurants and a pool! (Though, the pool was shutdown due to renovations when we were there)

My recommendation: Ask for a direct falls view on one of the highest floors available so you can have the best view!

What to Do & See:

1.) Spend 1 whole day exploring Niagara Falls and the nature parks (New York Side).

Recommendation: Buy tickets in advance for the below activities to ensure a time slot. We bought them the day of and had to wait an 1-1 hour and a half for our time slot. This wasn’t too bad because there is so much to do and see around the Falls. 

We started the day by walking around the nature park seeing the falls at different views and learning the history around it. 

Then we made our way to the Cave of the Winds (MUST DO!)


This was my favorite activity the whole trip. You are taken 30 floors down and can walk around under the falls. Here you can feel the pure power of the falls. You do get to wear a poncho and special water shoes (that you can keep!) so you don’t get thaaaaaaat wet. Haha! 

Next, we made our way to the Maid of the Mist this was my husbands favorite part of the trip. You take a 20 minute boat ride right through Niagara Falls. It’s pretty amazing. The mist is so intense and the rainbows that are everywhere is pretty beautiful! You are literally right under the falls.


2.) Walk around the Niagara Area (Canada Side)

There is so many ways to see the falls just explore all around the city and you’ll be able to see and fell the Falls!

3.) Visit the Wineries & Explore the city at Niagara on the Lake

We stopped at Reif Estates Winery and enjoyed a tasting and a tour. It was so beautiful. We tried Ice wine for the first time and it is so sweet and delish! Another pretty winery is, Peller Estate Winery. Although, we just stopped by, the location is GORGEOUS! Then we explored the near by city, Niagara on the Lake where it houses adorable shops and restaurants. The best part? All the cute bakeries and gelato shops!

4.) Niagara Whirlpool

A cool sight to see! This is a bank drop off from Niagara falls that continually has a whirlpool. We just stopped and viewed it at the overlook but you can take an aero car above it for some cooler views.

Whirlpool Website:

Where to Eat:

BOY… DID WE EAT. Our hotel was home to Brasa a Brazilian barbecue Restaurant. Where you can eat and try so many different types of meats table side. It is also a buffet so you’ll have plenty of options.

Hilton Hotel Grand Breakfast Buffet: I mean.. all you can eat breakfast. Need I say more?

Tim Hortons: A Canada Classic. They are literally ALL over. It’s basically a Dunkin Donuts. 

Price of Wales Hotel at Niagara on the Lake: A classic mid-century hotel decorated beautifully and had delish food like fish and chips and buffalo burgers. 

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What to Pack:


2.) walking shoes or comfy shoes ( I wore the same sandals the whole time)

3.) Cool clothes since we visited during the summer during a heat wave it was HOT HOT HOT

4.) A hat (I wore two sun hats the whole time to protect my head from the sun)

Recommendation: Canada is pricey but use your debit or credit card and your bank will do the money conversion for you and it ends up being cheaper is some cases than American money!


That’s it, I hope this helps if you are planning a trip to Niagara Falls!