I write this with wanderlust on my mind. I was lucky enough to travel to not only one, but two of my bucket list destinations this past month. First stop was NYC, and now California. My family and I set off on an 8 day trip to San Diego and Los Angeles. I always thought that I would love more of a busy city vibe like NYC; but after experiencing Cali, my mind changed completely. 

California, first off, is so beautiful. There are huge cliffs everywhere that connect to gorgeous beaches and bustling cities. There are seas of people everywhere you go, but no one seems like they are in a rush like NYC. Everyone was so nice and so chill!  People spend their time surfing, hanging out, and simply enjoying their time with people they love. The weather is PERFECT. Growing up in Florida means HEAT, HEAT, and MORE HEAT. Cali has beaches and palm trees like FL, but they don't have the heat. You can sit outside and eat lunch, and not be dripping in sweat. I feel in love with the cities we went to. 

San Diego was a gorg city that offered everything a girl needs, like a strong corporate presence, a big city, and perfect weather.  In fact, at night, I was so cold! It was in the 60's and windy. San Diego also has an awesome restaurant strip and shopping area called the Gaslamp District. We ate there and walked amongst the locals. 

Outside of the city lies Coronado springs, which is a quaint community with shops and amazing beaches.  It's also the home of the famous Coronado Hotel, where Marilyn Monroe frequented!

Also outside of the city was a rad area called La Jolla which overlooks some of California's most breathtaking cliffs and shores. The best part? You can tan and swim with the seals and sea lions.  They're everywhere!  It's not uncommon to see them sun bathing next to you. 

After our time in San Diego, we drove up the coast to L.A. We went to Hollywood Boulevard which is everything you would expect it to be. We put our hands in famous people's hand prints at the Chinese theater, walked on the famous street stars, and ate In-N-Out burger (so good!). 

We also did some shopping, went on a Hollywood Studio tour and saw the Ellen Degeneres set! So FUN. L.A. has so much culture and so much to offer.  We visited a lot of Instagram famous places such as the Paul Smith Pink wall and the Alfred Tea Room. We also went to the Beverly Hills Hotel where we were given a VIP Tour of the premises where all the celebrities stay! Thank you for having us BHH. 

This was a vacation I will always remember and cherish. I could see myself living there in the future! 



Alessa Gabrielle