I honestly have no words to describe how it felt to land in the BIG city of NYC. I have dreamt about this moment since I was a little girl. I have pillows, post cards, prints, computer wallpapers all around my room that all have NYC themes. To me NYC was an opportunity to explore a world that is totally different than where I live. Downtown Tampa has a 10 building skyline and New York City's skyline went on for miles.

Though, my trip was AMAZING. I always thought I would go there and feel called to live there. Now, that I have been I am not so sure thats the case. Everyone that lives in the city is always going. going, going. I am not too sure if they have a moment to stop and smell the roses to see the beauty they have around them. The city has so much culture and SO much GOOD FOOD. OMG THE FOOD. Not to mention, the shopping was too much for a girl to handle.

I was very lucky to go with my friend Lacy who values the same things that I do. Together, we rode the subway, ate a lot of food, shopped, went to the MET + so much more.

Lacy, I am grateful to have a friend like you.

If you ever get the chance to go to the city that never sleeps, don't pass it up. It could change your life. 

Here's some pictures from the trip!