Bun Pin SAY WHAT! Featuring KITSCH


How to Wear A Bun Pin

Lets get real ladies, we don't feel like like doing our hair everyday! There are plenty of days during the week that dry shampoo and a messy bun are a must. Sometimes, its hard to look put together with a messy topknot. Lately, I have been in ❤️ with Bun pins! I just pop my bun pin in my hair  and in seconds, I look put together with a chic twist.

What is a bun pin? 

A bun pin is a accessory for your hair.  KITSCH describes it as, "The perfect way to make 'just rolled out of bed' bun look effortlessly chic! Gone are the days of unkept updos! After styling your hair with our creaseless hair ties, spice it up with these charming hair jewels."

My Favorite hairstyle to wear currently, is the half-up half-down topknot. This look is super casual yet edgy.Today, I stuck this pin right in the top of my head to add an extra flare to my typical messy bun hairstyle.


Some days getting that perfect half-up half-down topknot is difficult to obtain so sometimes it is just easier to wear a big topknot on the top of your head. Though, messy topknots aren't that glam


Wanna grab your own?

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