Alessa Gabrielle

Social Media and Marketing Professional 

Creative, passionate, fashion centered professional that possesses the ability to create content and energy for your company’s social media and event driven presence. Currently seeking a career position with a progressive organization that encourages personal and professional growth.
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Freelance Social Media Manager

As a Freelance Digital Marketing Manager,  I have managed full content for a handful of companies in the Tampa Bay Area as well as out of state companies. This includes the creation of images, videos and copy for all social channels such as, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook Ad's. As well as social media planning. Click here to request a free quote from me!


HSN x BeautyBlender Facebook Live

Live Broadcast at HSN - maintained live social feed (Facebook Live) of on air product pitch by Beautyblender CEO.

Entitled "Backstage at HSN with Rea Ann Silva"

Collegefashionista Social Media Collaborations x Alessagabrielle

Social Media Society- Content creation and social media collaborations with various fashion and beauty brands. Shared on all social platforms such as, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

Snapchat x Victorias Secret

Curated content and took over Victorias Secret Snapchat showcasing new "Racerback Date Bra". Over 115k views on story within minutes.


TRUHair by Chelsea Scott Promo

Executed a promotional video featuring TRUHair by Chelsea Scott's new product.

Content Creation Collaborations x Alessagabrielle

Content creation examples from Instagram from collaborations from various fashion and beauty companies.


Instagram Aesthetics + Flow

@alessagabrielle-Personal brand project. Properly curating content to fit the aesthetics of my Instagram and flow. 

Collegefashionista Articles x Alessagabrielle

 StyleGuru blogger – weekly and monthly deadlines for fashion website featuring college trends, brand collaboration, photography #StyleGuruLove